S.C. SALDATURA CARPENTERIA SPA (hereinafter “the organization”) is a “high risk” company, as it carries out processes that have a potential high impact on the state of health and safety at work. This aspect is a key factor for maintaining business continuity, both for internal operators (employees), external operators operating in the organization (contractors) and for subcontractors.
Similarly, the rootedness of the culture of health and safety at work becomes a key factor in increasing the attention that the organization places in its daily activities.
To achieve this, it is necessary first of all to know the applicable legislation on the organization’ sites, following its developments and promoting consistent actions.
Injuries that have occurred in the company in the last three years have very variable criticalities, which identify the need for a structured and systemic management of all aspects relating to Health and Safety at work.

In particular
• Injury events since January 2019
• The need to monitoring the actions’ efficiency taken for Health and Safety at Work
• The legislative and production complexity and
• Company risk levels

Require the adoption of a Health and Safety management system according to ISO 45001, the latest reference standard for the protection of workers’ health and safety. The organization’s top management is in charge to:
• maintain high standards of Safe and healthy working’s conditions for the prevention of injuries and illnesses;
• Deepen the knowledge and compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to healthy and safety workplaces and that they are considered as priority by all interested parties (employees and contractors);
• Eliminate or reduce to a minimum all the dangers present in the working areas, both for employees and for outsiders engaged in work activities on behalf and in organizational contexts;
• Improve regularly the Health and Safety Management System;
•Maintain a constant consultation and participation of workers and the RLS (worker safety representative) in the system’s evolution.
This policy is a document that is shared with all workers and interested parties operating within and with the organization, and is subject to systematic review by Top Management. Internal supervisors have the duty to request its application, while workers have the duty to respect its indications proactively.